Fix : Keyboard Mouse not working after login in Windows 8 , windows 7 , Vista & XP

This post will help you fix / troubleshoot an issue with your Windows PC, where, after login or at welcome screen your keyboard and mouse stops working. This can happen with either a USB interface keyboard / mouse or even with a PS2 Keyboard and mouse. Do remember that your keyboard will work in your BIOS & both your keyboard / mouse will work with a Live CD too. In some cases your Keyboard and mouse will start to work in Safe Mode.

The Methods mentioned herein are based on both the scenarios where your keyboard & mouse will or won’t work in safe mode

Method 1

  • Sometime a LAN ( Network connection ) can be a culprit for this problem
  • Disconnect your LAN ( network wire ) from your computer
  • Start your computer
  • Check if your keyboard /mouse are working
  • If yes,
  • Go to Command Prompt ( with administrator privileges )
  • To know how to open command prompt with administrator privilege : Follow this article
  • In the command prompt : type ipconfig /flushdns
  • Also, use some means to connect to the internet (not on this PC)
  • Download and install the latest drivers for your network adapter
  • Also, Unplug & non-essential USB /HDMI or other peripheral device & check if your keyboard /mouse work


Method 2

  • Enabling Legacy USB support in BIOS
  • Enter your BIOS setup by pressing DEL , F2 or F10 ( or any other key which your computer specifies ) (Refer documentation)
  • Now, Locate an option that says Legacy USB support  and set it to enable
  • Also, make sure that your USB speed is set to high speed
  • Make sure USB simulation is disabled

Method 3

  • Updating USB / Chipset / Keyboard- Mouse drivers
  • You can use some other means to connect to Internet
  • Download and install the latest Chipset / USB drivers
  • Also, if your keyboard /mouse require some specific drivers to run properly, make sure that you have installed those
  • You can use Safe mode to uninstall the previous drivers & then boot into windows normally to update the newer drivers

Method 4 ( TIPS )

  • Try setting your computer to High Performance in Power Options ( windows Vista, 7 , 8 ) (control panel –> power options )
  • Go to Device Manager in Control Panel
  • Expand Universal Serial Bus
  • Right Click Usb Root Hub (all of them)
  • Go to Power management tab
  • Uncheck the box that says “Allow the system to turn off this device to save power”
  • Click OK

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