This little Tip can save you from a lot of trouble when suddenly your drive or folder gets disappeared from Windows Explorer & you only see it as a hidden folder or file. When this is the case it usually indicates either of a file system malfunction or a small time virus attack.

Right Click the file or folder & check if your properties window looks something like this i.e. the hidden option greyed out as marked below.

Don’t be alarmed. Just open command prompt.

For Windows XP: Go to run and type CMD & press Enter.

For Windows 7/Vista : Type CMD in start Menu, Right Click and run as administrator. ( both these Operating Systems need elevated rights to perform this task)

go to your drive of folder. Assuming Drive letter to be D here (Just replace D with your Drive letter )

Now if you are working with a single file or folder, navigate to the folder.







Type :


D:\>foldername>attrib –S –H “file or folder name” /S /D   ( file or folder name without Quotes )

If you are dealing with multiple files & folders or even an External Drive, type:

D:\>attrib –S –H *.* /S /D   ( press Enter )

In case of External Drive just move to your drive by typing in the drive letter in the Command Prompt. ( Example H: )