Windows 11 Update/Download Stuck? Try 4 Fixes Here!

The latest iteration of the Microsoft operating system, Windows 11, is undoubtedly the most technologically advanced. The majority of those still using the previous iteration i.e. Windows 10 operating system consequently wanted an upgrade. But if you are facing the problem which many others have already claimed that the download of Windows 11 has now become stuck.

The download of the latest Windows 11 operating system could be frozen at any percentage, such as 0%, 99.9%, or even 100%. However, when it’s closer to the last two, users wait hours for it to finish in the hope that it would, but the download doesn’t move forward.

As a result, we made the decision to dedicate this article to assisting users who are having trouble updating or downloading the latest Windows 11 and are experiencing a stuck download issue.

1. How long should it take for Windows 11 to update?

Depending on the computer’s compatibility with Windows 11, update times could range from minutes to hours. In comparison to a slower machine with an HDD and a lot of data, a fast system with a high-speed SSD will install feature upgrades quickly in about 15 minutes. Your data and settings are all transferred to Windows 11, so the upgrades have no impact on them.

If you are directly upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11, the download size is approximately 3.5 GB. You’ll need at least 5.37 GB of space, though, if you want to install Windows 11 using an ISO file.

In addition, your speed may differ based on your location and the speed of the server to which your PC is connected.
On the other hand, installation heavily depends on other specifications like CPU and GPU usage and applicability. This could go on for 30 minutes to an hour.

2. What is the problem with the Windows 11 download?

There are some background services that must be running before you download and install the most recent OS version.

You also need to have a functional Internet connection. The majority of the time, when the Windows 11 download is stuck at 99 percent or 100 percent, there is an issue with the Internet. This is due to the fact that the download moves along smoothly up until the connection is lost.

Additionally, the upgrade process is known to conflict with some peripherals, drivers, and applications. We’ve divided each of these problems into their own sections below, along with the best solutions, so you can end having problems with your Windows 11 download getting stuck.

3. What can I do if a Windows 11 update is stuck?

3.1 Confirm the Internet connection

Problems with the Internet connection are one of the main causes, which frequently go unnoticed. Consider that after starting the Windows 11 update download, the Internet connection is lost.

While the actual issue with the Internet is with the Internet, it would appear that the Windows 11 download is stuck in this case. Therefore, confirm that the connection is active and functional.

3.2 Disconnect all unnecessary devices.

Disconnect the non-critical peripherals if you have multiple ones connected to the computer. Numerous of these are known to conflict with the update and prevent it from being applied.
Simply take out the printer, speakers, microphones, and similar devices, leaving only the essentials like the keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

When finished, restart the computer to see if the Windows 11 download stuck issue has been resolved.

3.3 Launch the troubleshooter for Windows Update.

a. Launch the Settings app by pressing Windows + I, then select Update & Security.
b. From the navigation panel on the left, select the Troubleshoot tab.
c. Select Additional troubleshooters by clicking on it.
d. Click the Windows Update entry after that.
e. In order to find and address problems with Windows Update, click the Run the troubleshooter button at the end.
f. To finish the troubleshooting procedure, select the appropriate response and adhere to the on-screen instructions.
Microsoft has a number of built-in troubleshooters that can automatically identify and resolve system problems. It is advised that you run a pertinent troubleshooter each time a problem arises. You also have one in this situation; it’s called Windows Update.

Check to see if the Windows 11 download stuck problem has been resolved after running the troubleshooter.

4. Retry after pausing the update

4.1 Launch the Settings app by pressing Windows + I, and then select Update & Security from the menu that appears.

4.2 Then, select Pause updates for 7 days from the list on the right.

4.3 When the computer restarts, go back to the Update & Security settings and select Resume updates.

4.4 After that, click Check for updates to see if the Windows 11 download is moving along and not getting stuck.

So this is how you can able to fix the problem and get the latest Windows 11 operating system on your PC. If you find this useful then don’t forget to share with your near and dear ones.

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