Windows 11 SE vs Windows 11: How Do They Compare?

Microsoft released another version of Windows 11 called Windows 11 SE only a few days after announcing Windows 11. It’s actually a toned-down version of the Windows 11 operating system and the same is aimed toward education and students. In this article, we will examine how Windows 11 SE and Windows 11 contrast with one another. What the SE stands for and should you choose this tempered version of Windows 11 or the full version?

The cloud-focused version of Windows 11, known as Windows 11 SE, combines the strength and dependability of Windows 11 with a streamlined design and contemporary management tools that are ideal for low-cost devices in educational settings. Microsoft’s Windows 11 SE, aimed at educational institutions and students, competes with Google’s ChromeOS.

With the added benefit of being optimized to deliver excellent educational experiences on affordable devices, removing distractions to help students stay focused, and streamlining deployment and management for IT professionals, The advantages of Windows 11 SE in terms of privacy, security, and remote learning are the same as those of Windows 11.

What Does the “SE” in Windows 11 SE Mean?

Microsoft made it very clear that SE does not have a full form, so it is not the Student Edition. Does this mean that SE stands for Special Edition? maybe. However, it does fall under Microsoft’s Education Umbrella because the primary goal of this edition is to offer a safe, quick, and distraction-free learning environment.

A Comparison of Windows 11 SE and Windows 11

In order to make Windows 11 SE quick and free of distractions, as was already mentioned, Microsoft has reduced the number of features in the operating system. In this article, we’ll compare Windows 11 and Windows 11 SE.

Installing apps from third parties?

The absence of the Microsoft Store and the restrictions placed on the installation of Win32 apps are two significant differences in Windows 11 SE. On a computer running Windows 11 SE, Microsoft does permit sideloading for about six different types of apps. Any app falling into one of these six categories may be installed or removed by the IT administrator.

Apps that filter content
Solutions to tests
Accessibility software
Apps that facilitate classroom communication
Apps for connectivity, management, diagnostics, and supportability are crucial.

Microsoft Office offline on Windows 11 SE?

You do get support for the Offline Microsoft Office Suite, including programmes like MS Word, Powerpoint, MS Excel, and OneNote, since Windows 11 SE is a version of Windows 11 geared toward education. giving you the ability to finish your assignments, give presentations, etc. These files are, however, kept on OneDrive for convenience since Windows 11 SE is a platform that prioritizes the cloud. The only cloud service that is supported right now is OneDrive, though Microsoft says that additional cloud services may be added in the future. Windows 11 SE is compatible with Microsoft Office 365 licences A3 and A5.

On Windows 11 SE, what are Snap Layouts?

Windows 11 SE has two Snap windows instead of Windows 11’s full four, which is another difference between the two versions of the operating system. Another thing to keep in mind is that all apps in Windows 11 SE launch in full screen mode by default. This might aid students in maintaining focus on fewer tasks and a cleaner screen.

Windows 11 SE widgets

Microsoft enhanced the Widgets panel in Windows 11 so that it can be used to access the most recent news, weather, scores, and other information. All of this is fantastic, but it might divert students’ attention from their work or their studies. Therefore, Microsoft did away with the Widgets panel in Windows 11 SE.

Other Changes in Windows 11 SE and Windows 11?

Microsoft has published a comparison table detailing the features that distinguish Windows 11 from Windows 11 SE. As you can see in the table below, Windows 10 to Windows 11 is the only version that can be upgraded, not Windows 11 SE. All other features, including those that are tailored for inexpensive computers and optimized for accessibility, security, privacy, and remote learning, are identical to those in Windows 11.

Windows 11 SE cannot be installed on any of your personal computers because Microsoft has not yet made an ISO file available. Microsoft does not anticipate making Windows 11 SE available to retail customers as they already have the standard version of Windows 11. Only new devices made available to educational institutions that are compatible with Windows 11 SE come pre-installed with the operating system.

Can Windows 11 Full Version be installed on a Windows 11 SE computer?

Off course Yes, but only if the IT administrator completely removes the SE version of Windows 11 and replaces it with a fresh copy of Windows. It should be noted that this is a one-way process, as once Windows 11 SE is removed from that computer, there is no way to reinstall it.

So this is the difference between both operating systems and we believe that the same is clear to you as well. We recommend you to keep browsing our website for more tutorials as well as tips and tricks.

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