How to Remove Annoying Ads From Windows 11

Microsoft has introduced the new Windows 11 operating system with lots of improvements and new features. Windows 11 is more attractive and the same is coming with more modern features and design. You can able to find the changes as soon as you start your computer, as the taskbar is now available at the centre position of the screen and it is worth mentioning that you can able to switch to the left side by changing a small setting in the Settings up of the operating system. Even though, the operating system is coming with lots of new features and redesigned user interface, the company is serving advertisements and the same is annoying to the users. Well, if you are someone who wants to disable the advertisements on your computer and never want to come across unwanted notifications and advertisements on your computer then this article is meant for you. In this article, I will guide you on the way to disable advertisements on the PC which is running on Windows 11 operating system and in this way, you can able to avoid the recommendations of Microsoft along with tips, and techniques among others on the user interfaces.

You can able to disable advertisements on Windows 11 operating system easily and the same can be done with a couple of simple clicks. You can able to know the way to disable advertisements on Windows 11 powered computer after following the steps which are listed below. Without making any further delay let’s dive into the article to check out the step by step guide.

1. Remove advertisements from lock screen of your computer

The Lock screen in Windows 11 can display a variety of adverts. When using Windows Spotlight, you cannot turn off advertisements, but you can choose “Picture” or “Slideshow” to stop the system from displaying undesirable information on the Lock screen.

When using custom photos, follow these instructions to get rid of the advertising on the Lock screen:

Launch Settings application on your computer, Then select Personalization and On the right side, select Lock screen.

select the Picture or Slideshow option under the “Personalize your lock screen” section, and then click the “Get fun information, tips, techniques, and more on your lock screen” option.

After making the above mentioned change in your computer, the Lock screen will no longer display information that could be labeled advertising when running custom photos.

2. Remove advertisements from the start menu

Microsoft adds advertisements to the Start menu in the form of pins. Because they don’t have any labels, they enhance the likelihood of tricking people into installing software they most likely don’t require even though they aren’t installed on the computer.

Normally, the apps would vary depending on your location and the time when Windows was installed. Adobe Express, Prime Video, TikTok, Instagram, Spotify, and many others are just a few of the ones you can locate.

Follow these procedures to get rid of app advertising from the Start menu:

Go to Start and Select the Uninstall option by performing a right-click on the unwanted software.

Re-click the Uninstall button.

To completely get rid of all those app advertising from the Start menu, you might need to go through the steps again.

3. Remove advertisements from file explorer

Another location where you may encounter advertisements in the form of promos to utilise certain services, such as OneDrive, is File Explorer.

Follow these procedures to stop receiving adverts (such as the OneDrive offer) in File Explorer:

Lift off File Explorer and From the command bar, select the See more (three-dotted) menu option and then click on the Select Options.

Select the View tab.

Select the Show sync provider notifications checkbox. Now you will not see any advertisements in the file explorer of Windows 11 powered computer.

4. Disable device usage controls

In order to allow the system to display targeted adverts and other information, there is a function called “device usage” that lets you specify how you want to use your computer. You can disable this feature if you’ve already set it up so that no adverts based on how you use your computer will be shown to you.

Follow these instructions to stop Windows 11 from displaying tailored advertisements based on how you use your computer:

Launch Settings, select Personalization, and then On the right side, select the Device Usage page.

Disable every setting to prevent Windows 11’s tailored advertisements and suggestions.

You shouldn’t see any more personalised advertisements based on your device activity once you’ve followed the procedures.

5. How to turn off notification advertising in Windows 11

Toast notifications with tips and techniques to help you find and use features can be sent by the notification system on Windows 11. To avoid interruptions, you can turn off these arbitrary suggestions if you don’t need them.

Use the following procedures to stop tips and other recommendations from appearing when using certain features:

Click on Settings, toggle to System and the Notifications page can be accessed by clicking there.

Remove the check mark next to “Offer advice on how I can configure my device.”

Remove the check mark next to “Get tips and suggestions when I use Windows.”

After you finish the steps, the system won’t display notifications with instructions on how to use particular features.

6. How to use the settings to disable suggested content

To assist you in finding features or advice for content and apps, the Settings app can offer suggestions across the experience in a variety of ways. You can turn off this function for a cleaner experience if you’re seeking to get rid of intrusive adverts in Windows 11.

Use these procedures to disable Windows 11’s Settings app from displaying suggestions:

Click on Settings, toggle between Privacy & Security and On the right side, select General.

Turn off the toggle for “Show me suggested material in the Settings app.”

The Settings app will no longer display suggestions once you’ve finished the instructions.

7. How to stop seeing advertisements in applications

Your system’s unique identification number may be used by the programmes you install on Windows 11 to target you with adverts. You can notify the system not to allow apps to use your “advertising ID” if you wish to stop this from happening.

Use the following actions to stop targeted advertising from appearing on apps:

Click on Settings and toggle between Privacy & Security and On the right side, select General.

Disable the setting for “Let apps show my personalised adverts by using my advertising ID.”

Once you’ve followed the procedures, advertising will still appear in programmes you download from the Microsoft store, but they won’t be personalised to you.

So this is how you can able to disable advertisements in Windows 11 operating system and if you find this article useful then do share it with your near and dear ones.

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