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Set a Video as Windows Desktop Background

After reading this you will be able to set your desired video clip as Windows Desktop background. Windows Vista had the Dream-Scene content that gave a lot people something new to play with. The people who might be missing that or the users who want to try something new will enjoy this little tip.

For this trick to work you must have VLC player, you can Download VLC player here.

Step 1

Open VLC player and go to tools –> preferences


Step 2

Go to Video –> Output-> select DirectX video from dropdown list. Also check the Enable Wallpaper mode –> click save.


Step 3

Now open any video file in VLC & click on video & click DirectX wallpaper.


Your Theme will be changed to Windows basic in Windows 7 and your video will start to play on your desktop background.

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2 replies on “Set a Video as Windows Desktop Background”

Hey there,

Been trying to figure this out since it used to work for me, but, I DON’T HAVE THE DIRECT X AS WALLPAPER OPTION ANYWHERE IN VLC.
Before I added a new video card for HDMI output I USED to be able to simply click on the USE AS WALLPAPER option under VIDEO in VLC, but, now when I do that its just BLANK/BLACK on BOTH my monitor and the HDTV…The audio plays but nothing else…tried looking for solutions elsewhere but, have found none.

Any Ideas?
and yes, I’ve tried setting it to DirectX etc etc etc; no check box appears for DirecX backgrounds in the Video menu or in the Prefs…



You can select Direct x ( direct draw ) video output mode.

Select the video file by going to file menu -> open file.

when the video starts to play -> right click -> video -> set as wallpaper

Hope this helps.

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