Check your Laptop/Netbook/notebook/Ultra portable Computer’s battery healthy easily

After reading this guide, you will be able to check how healthy your computer battery is. When the computer is new it gives you good battery backup. But, as it gets old the backup goes considerably less than it used to be.

To Check the current status of your battery now, you can use a built-in utility in Windows 7 to check the health of your battery.

  • Make Sure your charger is plugged in
  • Go to Start Menu
  • In the Start Search box type CMD
  • Right Click CMD and click Run as Administrator
  • Type powercfg –energy in the opened windows ( Command Prompt )
  • Windows will run a trace on your battery for 60 second and then save a report in your root drive Example: C:\energy-report.html
  • You can then double click the HTML file to open it with your web browser and read the report.
  • This report explains Errors, warnings etc.
  • To know the current charge capacity and health status, scroll down to the section that reads battery information
  • Here, see Design Capacity
  • Now, see the Last Full Charge Capacity
  • If, Both the numbers in Design Capacity & Last Full Charge differ a lot, let’s say for example the Design Capacity was 6500 & Last full charge is 2500. Your battery is not in a healthy state and is not holding most of the charge capacity it was designed for.
  • This would be the proper time to order a replacement battery.

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