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Refresh your PC : Windows 8 Feature make your Installation new again

This post explains a new feature in Windows 8, that enables the users to refresh their PC to a state comparable to a new Windows Installation. Refresh your PC is a feature intended for those users, who after some months of usage start to face problems with their PC. This might be due to a number of reasons from problem with files or settings or maybe a installed program affecting your system stability.

To use this feature go to the start screen:


Type Refresh your PC :


Click on Refresh your PC :


Press Next & follow the wizard’s onscreen instructions

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5 replies on “Refresh your PC : Windows 8 Feature make your Installation new again”

I tried to perform refresh on my windows 8 but it shows the drive in which windows is installed is lock unlock the drive and try again..

please help me with the resolution, thanks in advance.

1. Have you tried restarting your computer ? Or put it in sleep mode and back ?
2. Do you have more than one hard disk drive in your computer ?

Yes, You will loose any data or apps you might have installed on the windows drive after the last refresh image was created

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