How to add another or non Microsoft email account in Windows 8 mail app

This article focuses on the users who wish to add / configure another email account in windows 8 mail app. Many of us think that the mail app in Windows 8 just supports a Microsoft email account i.e. hotmail , outlook, msn, live. But on the contrary you can also configure some other service providers email address with the Microsoft Mail app in Windows 8.

Below are the steps to help you do that :

Go to the start screen




  • Open the Mail app
  • Take you mouse to the top right hand corner
  • a menu bar will open
  • Click on settings
  • Click on Accounts
  • Click on Add an Account
  • Below is the screenshot of Add an account window




  • Click on the desired provider, if listed
  • else
  • Click on other account
  • Type in the required information as provided by your email provider


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