How to create a USB / CD / DVD Recovery Repair media in Windows 8

After reading this post, you will be able to create a recovery media in Windows 8. This media can be used in situations when your Windows installation fails to start. This Recovery media is a recovery partition for your Windows 8 PC. You can simple boot from this & repair your computer to a stable situation. You can use a USB Pen drive that has more than 256 MB of disk space. Alternatively you can also use a CD / DVD disk to create the recovery media.

Follow the steps to make the recovery disk

  • Go to start screen & type recovery,
  • click on settings on the right pane.


  • Now Click on Create a recovery disk


  • Click yes or allow when prompted for Administrator privileges
  • You might have to provide a password as well


  • Click next
  • Insert the USB pen drive if you have one that has more than 256 MB of space
  • Else Click on Create a system recovery disk with CD or DVD


  • If you selected CD / DVD


  • Insert a blank CD / DVD into the drive you selected herein.
  • Click on Create Disk
  • Done

Hope this post helps you create a System recovery disk ( media ) in Windows 8

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