Fix: Mouse / Touchpad pointer jumps while typing in Windows 8, 7 ,Vista, XP

After reading this post you should be able to fix a problem where your mouse or touchpad pointer jumps while you type. This creates an unwanted disturbance while typing. The problem usually occurs in Laptop ( portable computers ), but can also occur with a desktop computer. Below are the steps for both scenarios, i.e. Desktop & laptop computers.

Universal Solution

  • Go to Control Panel ( in start menu )
  • Find Mouse options


  • Now, Click on Pointer Options
  • uncheck the checkbox Hide Pointer While typing
  • If the Pointer speed has been set to Fast, try reducing it & see if that helps.


Method 2

Download & Install navigation ( keyboard mouse software )

  • Almost all the Computer Manufacturer’s ( Portable / laptop ones) , provide hotkeys & navigation / multimedia integration software for your touchpad or mouse.
  • Go to your Computer or product manufacturer’s support website.
  • Locate the software for your Model
  • Download & Install
  • Now,

As, I have a Lenovo ThinkPad, i am using a UltraNav software with my Windows PC. I will be outlining a few features that you can compare with ones in your computer & choose to turn them off.

  • Coasting – Turn Off
  • Touch Sensitivity – Choose this options according to your needs
  • Momentum – Though this feature tends to decrease the overall effort while using the touchpad, it can cause your pointer to jumps out of control while typing (Turn it off)
  • Gestures – I have hardly seen any touchpad perform a perfect gesture. I choose to turn them off.


Method 3

  • Check if the problem comes while plugged in to charge or not
  • The Charger for your laptop could be causing your touchpad to malfunction.
  • Get your charger checked at a Authorized service centre of your Compute Manufacturer
  • Replace if necessary

Hope this post proves to be useful for you. For any questions and queries please use the comment section.

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