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Fix : Clock watchdog timeout stop / blue-screen error in Windows 10 | 8 |8.1

After reading this post you will be able to fix a STOP error or better known as BSOD ( Blue screen error ) in Windows 8. The error code is something like Clock Watchdog timeout. Below is the screenshot of this error:


The image above is for reference only.

Note: FOR SSD users : Make sure you are running latest AHCI Drivers & AHCI in BIOS. Also if the problem persists, secure erase your SSD and install Windows 8.

UPDATE: Windows 10 users

If you are facing this error, make sure your Windows is updated & if a BIOS update for Laptop or Desktop PC motherboard is available, update it. Remember BIOS update must be done on your own risk, if done incorrectly, it can make your PC unusable. Refer your system documentation and seek your system /motherboard manufacturer’s support on this.

Fix for Windows 10 – If you are using UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface), Rebuild your BCD as suggest in this post – Click here


Step 1

  • Use Windows update to download and install all the necessary updates for your windows PC
  • To use Windows update, just start typing windows update on the start screen & choose windows update from the results displayed

Step 2

  • Go to your system or motherboard manufacturers support website
  • Download the latest SATA / AHCI drivers
  • Make sure the downloaded drivers are for Windows 8
  • Also, download and install the latest chipset drivers

Step 3

  • Go to run ( windows key + R )
  • type SFC /SCANNOW
  • let the process run and finish
  • Restart your computer

Step 4

  • Remove any USB storage devices attached to your computer
  • If this computer is a desktop make sure your hard disk drive is seated properly
  • also make sure that the hard disk data & power cables are connected properly

Step 5

  • Go to your BIOS by pressing the key ( refer the documentation that came with your computer / motherboard ( usually it’s DEL , F10 , F2 )
  • Locate a setting called AHCI or SATA mode
  • make sure it’s set to AHCI or BOTH

This should solve your problem, if not use the comment section to notify me.

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23 replies on “Fix : Clock watchdog timeout stop / blue-screen error in Windows 10 | 8 |8.1”

Hey uhh my computer right before it finishes starting up displays that message. I can’t really do anything much less update. any ideas what to do?

Hey, u can try booting into safe mode by pressing F8 at at system startup. Or you can select repair from the same menu or boot from the windows DVD to run startup repair.

¿Ha seguido todos los pasos indicados anteriormente? si usted tiene, usted puede compartir u problema en un poco de detalle. También compartimos la configuración del equipo, marca y modelo. También puede traducir este artículo de Inglés para españoles.

my computer is frozen. won’t even shut off or sleep. I disconnected hot spot and nothing. Not at home. this is interfering with my school homework

Could you please share your computer configuration ? model or make ?

to turn off your computer -> press and hold the power button
If your computer came with windows 8 you can repair it. by pressing F8 at system startup and choosing repair.

Also, do make sure that all your drivers are upto date and windows is updated.

I have removed my Asus eah6670 and the watchdog error has stopped. I was getting it 2 to 3 times a day. Hop the RMA one is better.

Hi. I recently reinstalled Windows 8. Then I found that my PC is not as stable as before. It often crashes, blue screen as well. Each time the blue screen prompted “CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT”. Crashes happened more frequent when I’m playing the game EVE. I have used Windows Update to install all updates. I also updated all drivers. SFC /SCANNOW is runned and it told me that some files are corrupt but it can’t repair my system. I’m sure my PC has no viruses. Expecting for your help. Appreciate.

If SFC /SCANNOW cannot repair the files. I would recommend that you should go to Windows 8 Repiar menu ( Keep pressing shift and click on restart ) and run automatic repir from there. IF that does not solve your issue, i will recommend that you do a system refresh( this might erase your data, so take a backup first )

Found the cause on my system was ASUS EPU Program. I Uninstalled the program and have not had that error sense.

I tried to install windows 8 on my dell 5110 laptop. Actually it came with windows 7 and i formatted it and tried to install windows8, the entire process is finished but before the “getting the devices ready” process it showed error “Your PC ran into problem” and bellow it showed error “CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT”. I tried this with multiple CD’s but it gave the same error. I am not able to switch the laptop on. Suggest me that how to install windows 8 on my laptop.

Make sure that BIOS settings for IDE/SATA/AHCI mode is set to AHCI & try installing in legacy mode ( non -uefi ). You might have to set your Options in BIOS to enable of disable UEFI boot.

I have dell xps l502x laptop, operating system windows 7, after playing just 10-15 minutes of game the system get stucked/hanged with a distorted sound. Sometimes it successfully directs the system to desktop showing the message display driver stopped working and has recovered or sometimes shows a blue screen error or I have to do a hard/manual restart.
Now I have windows 8 on my system the problem is still same sometimes it directed to the desktop showing the error “display driver stopped working and has recovered” or a blue screen error with message dpc_watchdog_violation.

Pls help me…………………

changing my bios to AHCI or IDE (don’t have a choice for both) causes my PC to loop into a Clock_Watchdog_Timeout BSOD, won’t even go past Windows logo on Start_up. So your solution doesn’t work on mine. I have the bios to default settings (RAID on this part) to be able to use my computer…. I’m looking for other solutions somewhere else in the WWW.

That means your system was installed in RAID mode. You can easily fix the restart problem after you set your system to IDE or AHCI. Just use the Windows 8 installation media to boot your system and use startup repair to fix your issues.

I have had my hp laptop a week and it went to a blue screen and wouldn’t turn off. I finally turned it off and the next day and the day after that it came up with the clock watch dog timer error. What should I do?

Make sure that all the drivers are installed properly ( run system update & check hp website for any driver updates ). Also, make sure that Sata/AHCI drivers are installed. Uninstall any A/V software ( save activation information before you do so )

My computer says it cannot find SFC/SC/SCANNOW So have not been able to run it. Have Windows 8.1. I have done everything else but I have checked and it says I have the proper setting but it does not give me any buttons to set. Still have the error but not as often Jim

Its SFC /SCANNOW . press windows logo key + X & click on Command prompt ( admin ) and then type SFC /SCANNOW . There is a space between SFC and SCANNOW

Hi, my problem is, this blue screen comes out every time I attempt to install any usb hardware drivers, such as Android phone. What the worse, the usb mouse and keyboard won’t work after the force restart.
I use SSD and I’m sure it has been aligned. The AHCI is open, too.
This really troubles me a lot.
Could you please help me?

I have an ASUS N61series laptop. There appears to be an issue with the wifi drivers for all things windows 8. But the good news it is easily fixed, just manually switch the wifi off using the external switch on the PC. Restart and all good. Once the PC is set, switch the wifi back on. ASUS don’t have any upgrades.


Hi, have a Lenova laptop. Just bought it brand new last year at Tigerdirect. Just recently a blue screen showed up with a frowning face on top. On the bottom it said search for more online: clock_watchdog_timeout. I did try to search online but I can’t seem to find an answer for my situation.

I turn on the PC with the start/off button. A screen comes on that says LENOVA & below that it says ‘Preparing Automatic repair & that goes on for a minute or so. Then it says ‘diagnosing your PC for about 10 secs. Then another page flashes quickly so I cannot see what it says & back to the start again with ‘preparing automatic repair. This goes on for a bit & then the blue page with the frowny smile comes on & PC does nothing. It starts at 0% downloading & stays there.

Can anyone help me figure this out? Thanks.


Do you have a Windows DVD or USB with you ? or any kind of setup that came with your laptop ?

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