How to setup & sync a Microsoft Account in Windows 8

[Video Tip Inside] This post will help you in setting up a Microsoft Account in your Windows 8 PC. Microsoft account has a lot of benefits over the conventional local account. With Microsoft Account you can download and use applications from Microsoft store, you can also sync your settings across windows 8 based devices that have the same Microsoft account setup in them. By syncing your devices you can have the same look & feel of all your Windows 8 based devices whether it is a Desktop PC at home, work, your laptop or even a tablet.

Let’s checkout this video and then learn more about this:

Setup and sync a Microsoft Account


Hope you liked the video, below is the step by step process that shows how to setup and sync a Microsoft account in Windows 8:

  • Make sure that you are connected to the Internet
  • Go to the start screen & type user account
  • Click on settings from the right pane
  • Click on create an account


  • Now,
  • Click on Add a user account


  • Enter your Microsoft based email account here ( Hotmail, live. msn , )
  • Click on next
  • If, You do not have a Microsoft Account,
  • You can click on Sign up for a new account and enter you current email address to make that email address your Microsoft Account


  • After entering the required information click on Next
  • This process might take a few minutes to complete
  • Click on Finish
  • Now,
  • Go to the start menu
  • Click on your user name from the Top right corner
  • Click on Sign out
  • Sign in with your Microsoft Account


  • After signing in,
  • Go to the start screen
  • Type users
  • Select users from the listed options
  • Here, Turn on Sync settings on this PC
  • Change the other options according to your like and feel.