How to open PES files on Windows 10

If you are using an automated embroidery machine, then you must be using a file with the “.PES” file extension. For those among you looking to know more about PES files, including what is PES files and how to open PES files on Windows 10, today we bring a detailed article on the same.

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What is PES File Format?

Before we take you through the various easy methods to open PES files on Windows 10 systems, let us also tell you what the PES file format exactly means.

PES stands for “Physics Editor Sheet” and is a file format that is used by the automated embroidery machines out there. The PES files consist of instructions such as “Start”, “Jump”, “Trim”, and “Stop”, which help the embroidery machine on how to proceed with the work.

PES files also contain additional information that helps with the embroidery work such as the details about the color, length of stitching, density of stitching, etc.

How to Open PES Files on Windows 10?

Below are the various ways to follow to open PES files on any desktop/laptop running the Windows 10 operating system.


Method 1: Use the Embird Machine Embroidery Software

The Embird machine embroidery software is a popular choice to open PES files on Windows 10 systems.

Apart from allowing users to open PES files easily, the Embird software also supports other popular embroidery file formats such as 9MM Pfaff, BRO Bits & Volts, CSD POEM, Singer EU, DST Tajima, etc.

If you wish to download the Embird machine embroidery software for Windows, use the below links:

The Embird Basic software is priced at $149 and apart from letting you open PES files, it offers the below functionalities as well:

  1. Edit, print, view, split and convert existing designs.
  2. Auto-tracing.
  3. Freehand digitizing.
  4. Create new designs.
  5. Create new cross-stitch designs.

and more.

Method 2: Use PREMIER+ 2 Software

PREMIER+ 2 is another software that lets you design embroidery designs.

The software also lets you open PES files, as it is one of the most common file formats used for embroidery designs.

There are various versions of the PREMIER+ 2 software available, and you can select the one perfect for you depending on the use cases.

Below are the different versions of PREMIER+ 2 software available currently:

  1. PREMIER+ 2 Software.
  2. The PREMIER+ 2 ULTRA.
  5. PREMIER+ 2 ECQ.

One advantage of the PREMIER+ 2 software is that it is available for both Windows and macOS operating systems.

You can find out more about the PREMIER+ 2 software by visiting their official site.

Method 3: S & S Computing Embroidery Software

Just like the other two methods mentioned in this article to open PES embroidery files on Windows 10, the S & S Computing embroidery software is also a very popular option for the task.

This software will run smoothly on any Windows systems running on Windows XP Service Pack 3 and above. This means that the S & S Computing embroidery software will also work on systems running the Windows 10 operating system.

You can find out more about the S & S Computing Embroidery Software by visiting their official website.

Final Words

We have tried to include some of the easiest methods and reliable tools to open PES files on Windows 10.

If you need more help in opening PES files on Windows machines, do leave a comment below with your queries and we will help you out for sure.