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How to add another or non Microsoft email account in Windows 8 mail app

This article focuses on the users who wish to add / configure another email account in windows 8 mail app. Many of us think that the mail app in Windows 8 just supports a Microsoft email account i.e. hotmail , outlook, msn, live. But on the contrary you can also configure some other service providers email address with the Microsoft Mail app in Windows 8.

Below are the steps to help you do that :

Go to the start screen




  • Open the Mail app
  • Take you mouse to the top right hand corner
  • a menu bar will open
  • Click on settings
  • Click on Accounts
  • Click on Add an Account
  • Below is the screenshot of Add an account window




  • Click on the desired provider, if listed
  • else
  • Click on other account
  • Type in the required information as provided by your email provider


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17 replies on “How to add another or non Microsoft email account in Windows 8 mail app”

I used the cloud to transfer contacts and email from an XP machine with outlook express to Win8. The contacts went into the people app automatically. In the email app it asked for the type of email. I told it POP. It told me to fly a kite in some other version of Windows. I know now that the cloud turns the pop3 mail into webmail and should have choosen that as the option. Now I don’t know what to do. the Email app is just one huge white screen. If I wiggle the mouse around enough ACCOUNTS shows up, but shows no accounts. If I try to add a new Hottmail account, it says I akready have that account on there. I can’t seem to be able to get past this part.

Are you using a Microsoft Account to log in to your windows 8 PC ? or a local account ?

I will suggest that you go to Users ( type users in start screen ) & create a new user there. Now log off from your current account and log in with the new account you created. Now, go to mail app & move your mouse to the top right corner & slide down to reveal the charms. Click on settings & click on Accounts, now check here if any accounts are listed ? if yes, delete them.

hi am trying to set up an email account non Microsoft but when I follow the steps when I click add the account nothing happens,
also I have loaded the Microsoft outlook and have a lot of emails , this caused my pc to slow down and shortfall of space as the memory is only 64gb , any ways of upgrading to a bigger size hard disk


Could you please elaborate a bit on your mail app issue. Were you able to initially enter all the information to setup your account in windows 8 mail app ? or nothing happens when you try to click on accounts in windows 8 mail app settings ?

for the outlook slowdown -> you can enable clean up scheduler in outlook or to configure it to download only headers and not the full message.

hi sorry may be I confused you.
I have removed the emails from Microsoft outlook as there was too many, so lets forget that.
I am trying to set my emails just the way we would on a black berry or any android tablet.
looking at the steps above, I get to the point where it says add an account but does not give me the list to click that says “other account ”
please advice.

try this : while on windows desktop -> press windows logo key + C -> click on settings -> accounts -> add account -> other account

see if this works. If this doesn’t work, please let me know.


I have linked my Yahoo email account (provided by Sky) to my Windows 8 email and all my previous emails show up but my contacts do not show in People. I tried to link the Yahoo account in People but there is no Yahoo or ‘Other’ account option. Any ideas? All my contacts showed until a week ago but then disappeared. My Skype contacts are unaffected.

Unfortunately you cannot add yahoo account directly to peoples hub, but you can export your contacts from Yahoo & then import them in outlook or Hotmail account.

I followed your instructions but when I clicked on Settings, nothing other than an error screen comes up indicating “You are not signed in with a Microsoft Account.”

Of course I’m not signed in with a Microsoft account, that’s the whole reason I am here!

I recently purchased a new PC with Windows 8 installed. I tried to setup my POP3 email account and it doesn’t work! Some on the Intenet say Windows 8 doesn’t work with POP3. If it doesn’t, let Microsoft sell their O.S. to Russia or shove it. We need an alternative to Windows. Every release gets worse and worse.

Hi Martin,

Windows 8 mail app does not support pop ( post office protocol ), but almost all email providers have the option to use IMAP ( that is fully supported by the mail app ). If you intend to use only pop for your mails, I suggest that you go with office outlook or Windows live mail as your email client in windows 8.

Hi I tried to click on the settings and the settings didn’t give me the option to add an account. What did I do wrong?


I just added a 2nd user on windows 8 and was successful. However, most of the default apps shows error on them and nothing happens when I click them. There’s no error showing on any apps from the other account. Can you please help. Thanks.

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