Windows 8 : Reimagined era of computing now begins

After much anticipation, Windows 8 has reached the general availability milestone in it’s release cycle today the 26th of October 2012. Windows 8 from it’s pre-release stages got mixed feedback from developers, IT professionals and consumers. Windows 8 UI has received some appreciation but a lot of criticism from the enthusiast / consumers. With Windows 8 reaching GA today, It will somewhat become clear on how good this product will do for Microsoft. Windows 7 has been a huge success for Microsoft. Let’s see how windows 8 does.

Windows 8 packs a lot of features. Microsoft says that it’s a completely new & reimagined Windows with everything built from the grounds up. The new Windows UI is very easy to use & feels like a hybrid between a PC & tablet. This new user interface provides almost equal ease of use on a touch screen & a non touch screen device. Windows Store is another new addition to Windows. Store will be a cool place to get an application to use on your Windows 8 PC. Windows 8 is a great new Operating system from Microsoft & features some great new features. In my opinion Windows 8 is a step towards a paradigm shift in computing, whether we talk about software of devices.

Here, watch this video to know Windows 8:

Windows 8

Microsoft says Our launch activity is truly global. We’ll be sharing photos and video from New York and many of the Windows 8 launch events from around the world (including Microsoft’s campus in Redmond) through our Windows Facebook page and our Windows YouTube channel.

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If you purchased a Windows 7 PC between June 2nd, 2012, and January 31st, 2013, you can register for the Windows Upgrade Offer where you can upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for just $14.99 (U.S.), for users from India this offer goes for nearabout INR700/- Those of you who have already registered for the Windows Upgrade Offer, you will be able to redeem your upgrade. Our OEM partners are also bringing new Windows 8 PCs and devices to market and are available for purchase in stores and online starting tomorrow. If you pre-ordered a Windows 8 PC or device, those pre-orders will start shipping if they haven’t already!