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Fix : Stop Error 0x0000006B Process1_initialization_failed BSOD in Windows 7

This post will help you fix an issue with your Windows 7 computer, where your computer might not start up and crash before the login window appears. You might also get a blue screen error with the error code 0x0000006B. The whole error code would be something like this:

STOP: 0x0000006B ( parameter1, 2, 3, 4 )

According to Microsoft KB article 981933 this error is caused by a corrupted bootcat.cache file in “ %systemroot%\system32\codeintegrity” folder.


Method 1 : Get Service Pack 1 ( If this is not a permanent error )

  • Go to Start Menu & type Windows update
  • Click on Windows update from the search results
  • Click on Check for updates in the left hand side pane
  • Select Service Pack 1 from the recommended updates section
  • It is recommended to set Windows Update to receive all critical updates automatically
  • Fully Update your computer

Method 2 : Manually remove the bootcat.cache file

  • Boot From the Windows 7 DVD or repair disk
  • Select Repair your computer
  • Click on command prompt
  • Type C: and press Enter
  • Type cd windows\system32\codeintegrity  & press Enter
  • Now, Type del bootcat.cache & press Enter
  • Restart your computer to check if it’s working correctly


If you still face a problem ( even after installing Windows 7 Service Pack 1 ) do let me know by using the comments section and I will be more than happy to help

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5 replies on “Fix : Stop Error 0x0000006B Process1_initialization_failed BSOD in Windows 7”

I’ve done that with a linux based live cd by mounting windows partition, as I didnt see bootcat.cache in command prompt.
After deleting bootcat.cache and reboot the same issue occures without any changes.
I’m running Win7 Enterprise x64.
If you have no answer for this and I’m not able to find anything, unfortunately I have to image this machine.

So now… I fixed it!
I just copied the bootcat.cache from another Win7 machine to the directory.
Hope this helps other users.

I appreciate for your help I recently had a blue screen of death on my windows 7 32bit laptop. The method 2 worked well for me so thank you very much.

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