How to create a checkpoint in Windows 10

This post will help you with a unique feature of Windows 10 hyper-V, where you can very conveniently undo the changes made to a Virtual machine. It’s something like system restore, but deals with a rather different model, known as standard checkpoints & Production checkpoints. A standard checkpoint saves the VM state with all open & unsaved applications. In a production checkpoint the system state is saved & no application data is saved. Below is the method to create checkpoints.

  • Go to Start menu | Start screen
  • Type Hyper-V manager


  • Click on the server name in the left hand pane
  • Select the VM you wish to make a checkpoint on
  • Click on Action menu at the top
  • Click on Checkpoint
  • Now, Windows will ask you for a name
  • Give any convenient name
  • Click on Yes


  • After the Completion, you will het a message as shown below