Video Tip : How to use start & Devices Charm in Windows 8

This Video tip explains the Start & Devices charms in Windows 8. Charms in Windows 8 are a new & intelligent way to interact with your PC. Whether you are using a touch based devices or a conventional keyboard / mouse setup, Charms are always useful. I have already explained the search & share charm in my previous videos. Watch the video & then read the detailed explanation that follows:

Using Start and devices charm in Windows 8


Start Charm

The start charm can be used to get to the start screen from anywhere. Or if you are already at the start screen, pressing the start charm will take you to any opened app or desktop. A great tool for multitasking.

Devices Charm

The devices charm can be used to access your installed devices from any opened application. These devices are displayed according the application and it’s compatibility with the device.