STOP error 0xFE Windows 7: BSOD after resuming from Sleep/ Hibernation

After reading this post you will be able to fix a STOP error or better called a BSOD error in your Windows 7 Computer. This error might occur when your have a USB streaming device connected to your computer & you put your computer to sleep or hibernation power state.

Error code:

STOP 0x000000FE (00000002, parameter2, parameter3, parameter4)


This problem occurs when using a USB Streaming device with a driver that uses the USBCAMD2 Streaming driver library. Such drivers are not supported for use on Windows 7. The stop message indicates that the USB streaming device driver using USBCAMD2 submitted two IRPs to initiate Isochronous data transfers, both of which referenced the same USB Request Block to describe the Isochronous data transfers. This problem occurs because the USBCAMD2 Streaming driver library does not properly synchronize resumption of Isoch streams upon resuming from a system sleep/hibernate power state.

Possible Resolution

Use of AVStream is recommended over the older type USBCAMD2 driver that is not supported under Windows 7.

The most simple step would be to head over the support website of your Device Manufacturer & Download and Install latest device drivers for your product.

Note: First uninstall the previous driver by going to :

  • Control Panel
  • Programs & Features
  • Locate your device driver program
  • Click uninstall


  • Restart your computer
  • Install the new device driver you downloaded of the support site.

You can also use Windows Update to Update the device drivers


Use Action Center to resolve your computer problems. To use Action Center, go to start menu and type action center.