Fix: Wireless Connection not showing – not able to connect – red cross icon–no wireless networks available in Windows 8 , 7 , Vista , XP

After reading this post you will be able to fix some issues that you might be facing while trying to connect to a wireless network in Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista or XP. There are quite a few issues that might restrict you from using a wireless network properly. Most of the times it’s bad drivers installed for your device, misconfiguration or just a simple software interrupting with your Wi-Fi connection in windows.

Follow the steps mentioned herein one by one:

Method 1

Press of a button

  • If you are using a laptop to connect to a Wi-fi / wireless connection. Your wireless was working just fine & now without a cause it has stopped working.
  • The first thing to check is small wireless on / off button on most laptops
  • It can be a dedicated on/off type switch on the side of your laptop
  • or
  • i could be a key amongst your Function keys on top.
  • There would be a wireless sign imprinted on that particular key ( refer screenshot )


  • Your key sign might look like the ones above or it might be anything that would suggest a wireless connection
  • Try pressing that key or if it’s a switch, try turning it on.
  • The wireless key / wireless sign might be in a different colour suggesting that it can be used by pressing a FN key located mostly on the left hand side of your keyboard near CTRL , ALT buttons.

Check if the problem is solved

  • On your taskbar right hand side
  • locate this iconwireless_icon
  • Click on it to see this menu wifi4










  • If you see available networks here, you have successfully solved the problem.



Method 2

Checking the Drivers

  • It’s always a good idea to update your drivers at a good interval
  • To make sure you have updated / proper drivers installed for your hardware device, you can choose:
    • Run Windows Update
    • Select your driver updates from optional updates section
  • OR
  • Go to your computer manufacturer’s support website
  • navigate to downloads section
  • locate the drivers for your particular hardware
  • download & install
  • It’s also a good idea to, first uninstall the previously installed drivers
    • to do that: Go to Control panel
    • Programs & Features
    • Locate your Wireless Lan drivers
    • Uninstall

Method 3

Check your router

  • Make sure that your router is broadcasting your network’s SSID.
  • To check that :
    • Connect your router directly to your computer using a LAN cable
    • Check the documentation provided with your router to get the login IP address
    • for example we take as a router’s login IP
    • Go to your browser and type this IP in the address bar:


  • Type in the username & password for logging into the router’s panel


  • refer the screenshot above
  • make sure your SSID broadcast is enabled.

Method 4

Connecting to a hidden network

Click here for the guide on connecting to a hidden network in Windows