Fix : Windows 8 showing blank screen at startup / not starting after sudden or improper shutdown

This post will help you troubleshoot / fix a problem with your Windows 8 PC where you are unable to start Windows 8 properly. This problem might occur after a sudden restart. You might also face this issue after a normal shutdown or hibernation. More information on this error can be gathered at : Microsoft KB article

You can use the following methods to resolve this issue:

Method 1 : Windows 8 Recovery Options

  • Boot from the Windows 8 DVD / USB or use the Windows Recovery CD/DVD /USB , if you created one
  • Select Repair if booting from Windows 8 Installation media ( Follow the next step if you are using Recovery Media )
  • Click on Troubleshoot
  • Now Click on Advanced Options
  • Now, you can use System Restore to restore your computer to an earlier time
  • OR
  • You can select Startup Repair

If that does not help :

Method 2 : Microsoft Hotfix

  • A hotfix has been released by Microsoft : You can download the hotfix from here .

Method 3 : General Instructions if you face this issue on a regular basis ( Reinstalling Windows )

  • If you have made up your mind that you will re-install windows. Just follow the instructions below to make sure that you do not face this issue again
  • Boot into your BIOS by pressing DEL , F2 or F10 key ( refer Documentation that came with your computer or onscreen instructions )
  • Go to boot options or locate an options called UEFI boot ( refer screenshot )


  • Either select Both or Legacy Only
  • Save and Exit
  • Reinstall Windows & activate
  • Remember to run Windows Update & update your installation.

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