Continuum : The next paradigm shift

Continuum, as the name somewhat suggests, provides you with an always handy & continued Windows Experience. Continuum started or was introduced as an answer to touchscreen & desktop experiences in Windows. Earlier with Windows 8, it was very much a universal computing experience, be it a tablet or a desktop | laptop.

With Continuum, Windows now has the capability to switch between tablet & desktop mode based on either the hardware you are using ( touchscreen setup ) or if your device supports a flip to tablet experience. You connect a keyboard | Mouse to your touchscreen setup, Windows detects it and goes into the normal PC | Desktop mode, where you get your usual Windows desktop & your apps go in to the mode where they can be easily resized or dragged, changed with Mouse & Keyboard.

Similarly, if you go into tablet mode, all your apps go full screen & are optimized for touchscreen & gesture support. This makes the new Continuum feature an amazing addition to Windows 10.

Now, that’s not all. With every new build, continuum is getting more polished & feature enriched. A recent blog post for Build conference showcases a video that shows how continuum can prove to be the next paradigm shift in always handy & always on computing.

Check out the video below: