Workaround : Unable to sync mails with new email address in Windows 8 mail app

After reading this you will be able to solve an issue where you cannot sync emails on your Windows 8 PC with the Windows 8 mail app. This might happen when you switch from an old Microsoft Account email address to another Microsoft Account ID. For example you switch from [email protected] to [email protected] . We found a very simple workaround for this issue.

Follow the guide below step by step. Refer screenshots.

  • Go to the start screen & type users
  • Click on settings in the right hand side pane
  • click on users
  • users
  • Click on Add a user
  • pc_settings
  • Follow the onscreen wizard to add your new Microsoft Account.
  • You can delete the previous account or let it be.
  • Remember to add your Windows 8 PC as Trusted PC in your online account settings.
  • Your Mails should be synchronising.

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