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Check your Laptop/Netbook/notebook/Ultra portable Computer’s battery healthy easily

After reading this guide, you will be able to check how healthy your computer battery is. When the computer is new it gives you good battery backup. But, as it gets old the backup goes considerably less than it used to be.

To Check the current status of your battery now, you can use a built-in utility in Windows 7 to check the health of your battery.

  • Make Sure your charger is plugged in
  • Go to Start Menu
  • In the Start Search box type CMD
  • Right Click CMD and click Run as Administrator
  • Type powercfg –energy in the opened windows ( Command Prompt )
  • Windows will run a trace on your battery for 60 second and then save a report in your root drive Example: C:\energy-report.html
  • You can then double click the HTML file to open it with your web browser and read the report.
  • This report explains Errors, warnings etc.
  • To know the current charge capacity and health status, scroll down to the section that reads battery information
  • Here, see Design Capacity
  • Now, see the Last Full Charge Capacity
  • If, Both the numbers in Design Capacity & Last Full Charge differ a lot, let’s say for example the Design Capacity was 6500 & Last full charge is 2500. Your battery is not in a healthy state and is not holding most of the charge capacity it was designed for.
  • This would be the proper time to order a replacement battery.

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since we have received the laptop from the USA we never removed the battery – that was in February 10 now its showing plugged in not charging – windows 8 lenovo – ideapad

New LENOVO laptop brand new just opened (note: its windows 8), charging, after the battery was low, I plugged it in, it stooped at 60% “plugged in not charging” so I removed the plug, and plugged it back in, only charged up to 58%, restarted laptop a few times, same issue ~ sent it back to newegg & their RMA department said that there was nothing wrong with the battery, it held the charge apparently. So they said it is NOT defective, so they sent me back the laptop (took them almost 3 weeks to check!)

I did the uninstall driver, and it was fine, until I shut down & the next day turned it on, battery only charges up to 60%.

Here is the information that came up with the check health:
Design Capacity47520
Last Full Charge46770

Plugged it in after 9% left, says “plugged in, not charging”.
What is wrong with it? This is quite frustrating since I can’t seem to find any solution to this issue.


Please try this :

Note: By the above link I mean you need to turn off fast start up option. After you turn that off, just restart your computer & make sure you power plan is set to balanced and not any of the Lenovo power manager power plans.

Now, Turn off your computer completely -> take out your battery ( if it’s not concealed unit) -> leave it out for a few minutes -> plug it back in -> start your computer -> uninstall the driver again as in my guide -> shutdown & restart to check if it’s charging to 100% -> please do report back so that I can further help you 🙂

Hi, thank you for the quick response.
I changed the power settings to balanced as per the shutdown change.
Laptop is significantly slower when boot up after I unchecked the box “turn on fast startup”.
As for the battery issue, still the same although now it is 58% plugged in, not charging.

*Note: I meant I plugged it in after it went down to 9%, and once it hit the 60% mark it said “plugged in, not charging”….
Do you have any other solutions to this? As the battery does not differ a ton….

Hi, For some reason my last reply did you get posted. So I am reposting:

As you posted :

Here is the information that came up with the check health:
Design Capacity47520
Last Full Charge46770

This shows that your battery is charging more than 60%. So this could mean that it’s a reporting problem.

But anyway, try this:

Go to Lenovo Power Manger & click on advanced view -> now click on battery & click on battery maintenance -> Now, here are two things that you can do:
1. Perform a reset
2. Set a custom charge profile -> Select the first option ( Always full charge ( start below 96% … )

If the above solves your problem, it’s great. If not try this :

1. Shutdown your laptop
2. Remove the battery & reinsert it after a few minutes
3. Plug the charger in & leave the laptop for a few hours without turning it on.
4. Check after a few hours if your battery goes beyond 60%

I did the cmd steps and it tell me to where the batter energy file is but I don’t know why I can’t open the html file. I tried using chrome firefox and IE, it says the file can’t be found. I’m using windows 8.1, is this normal?

Make sure you are running cmd in administrator mode. Also, you can find the file in your local windows drive. You can try to copy the file and paste it to desktop or any other drive in your system and then try to open it.

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