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Workaround : Unable to sync mails with new email address in Windows 8 mail app

After reading this you will be able to solve an issue where you cannot sync emails on your Windows 8 PC with the Windows 8 mail app. This might happen when you switch from an old Microsoft Account email address to another Microsoft Account ID. For example you switch from to . We found a very simple workaround for this issue.

Follow the guide below step by step. Refer screenshots.

  • Go to the start screen & type users
  • Click on settings in the right hand side pane
  • click on users
  • users
  • Click on Add a user
  • pc_settings
  • Follow the onscreen wizard to add your new Microsoft Account.
  • You can delete the previous account or let it be.
  • Remember to add your Windows 8 PC as Trusted PC in your online account settings.
  • Your Mails should be synchronising.

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One reply on “Workaround : Unable to sync mails with new email address in Windows 8 mail app”

Found another workaround and it’s simple tested by myself successfully.

1. Go to Control Panel, Click User Accounts.

2. On the left click on the option, Manage your Credentials.

3. Click on Windows Credentials.

4. Below that you will find an option Generic Credentials, it will show you old ID and new ID
if already modified via more settings online option.

5. Expand the appropriate account and click on edit, It will allow you to update your new @Outlook ID and Password will sync with Internet properly.

6. If you want can remove your old @Hotmail or @ Live ID also .

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