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How to setup second screen / multi monitor in Windows 8

This post will help you in setting up a second screen on your Windows 8 PC. Multi-monitor setup in Windows 8 is very easy, in just a few simple steps you can start using your second monitor. Follow the steps below to start using a multi monitor setup:

  • Swipe in from the right of move your mouse to the right of the screen to the charms bar
  • Alternatively you can also press Windows logo key + C to reveal the charms bar
  • ss1 an example of the charms bar
  • Now,
  • Click on Devices
  • ss2
  • Clicking on devices will reveal a bar as the screenshot above
  • Simply select the Second Screen option from the list of devices shown
  • As you click on second screen, a few options will appear on your screen
  • ss3
  • Now, By default your computer is set to use the PC screen only
  • Use any of the four listed options to either duplicate your current monitor to the secondary monitor
  • Extend the display and use both your monitors at the same time
  • or simply use the second monitor as your primary display

Few things to remember

  • Make sure that you are using proper drivers for your graphic / display adapter. If you are not sure that your have the latest or proper drivers, it is recommended that you first run Windows update on your computer to install all the necessary updates
  • Also make sure that you select any hardware driver updates from the optional updates section
  • ss5
  • Alternatively, you can visit your computer / Motherboard / Graphic card manufacturer’s support website and get the latest drivers from there

Note: if for some reason you are unable to use this feature, please share your problem in the comments section & I will try to help you out.

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11 replies on “How to setup second screen / multi monitor in Windows 8”

i have a Vaio and upgraded it in win8 from win7. one day I refreshed the setting and some a
application were uninstalled, After this incident there is no option appearing in the rite side for second screen. what to do

Please make sure that your graphic card / display adapter drivers are installed. Else go to Vaio support site and download / install the drivers for your laptop model.

go to the windows registry ( windows logo key + R & type regedit), press yes if windows security notification pops up. Now navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\USBSTOR & double click start & make sure the value is set to 3

I have 2 monitors, running windows 8. My screen setup is “extended” so I can use both monitors at the same time. Frequently, when i login, I get the “duplicate” setting where I see the same thing on both screens. I have to go into devices and change it back. Why is it doing this and how can i get it to stop?

It seems Your system is not remembering your monitor setup.

1. Have you installed proper display drivers for your computer ?
To do this, either run windows update and select the driver from optional updates section or go to your motherboard / computer / gfx card manufacturer’s support website and download the appropriate driver version from there.

2. Make sure that you keep both the monitors connected to the system at all times. If it’s a laptop and you unplug the second screen when you go mobile, it will go back to the default set of resolution / allocation. Follow step 1 to resolve the issue.

I touched “second screen only” by mistake on my very new notebook – screen went black and I cannot get anything at all to come up – how do I retrace back to a useable screen – obviously I do not have a second screen – and am an idiot

Can u please share your notebook’s make & model ?

but try this : carefully look at your function keys on the top of the keyboard & locate a button that looks like computer screen & also locate a FN button ( probably written in Blue or red ). Now press the FN key + that function button that looks like a screen. It should get you back to a usable state. Else, post back here & I will be happy to assist you further.

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