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Fix : Windows 8 showing blank screen at startup / not starting after sudden or improper shutdown

This post will help you troubleshoot / fix a problem with your Windows 8 PC where you are unable to start Windows 8 properly. This problem might occur after a sudden restart. You might also face this issue after a normal shutdown or hibernation. More information on this error can be gathered at : Microsoft KB article

You can use the following methods to resolve this issue:

Method 1 : Windows 8 Recovery Options

  • Boot from the Windows 8 DVD / USB or use the Windows Recovery CD/DVD /USB , if you created one
  • Select Repair if booting from Windows 8 Installation media ( Follow the next step if you are using Recovery Media )
  • Click on Troubleshoot
  • Now Click on Advanced Options
  • Now, you can use System Restore to restore your computer to an earlier time
  • OR
  • You can select Startup Repair

If that does not help :

Method 2 : Microsoft Hotfix

  • A hotfix has been released by Microsoft : You can download the hotfix from here .

Method 3 : General Instructions if you face this issue on a regular basis ( Reinstalling Windows )

  • If you have made up your mind that you will re-install windows. Just follow the instructions below to make sure that you do not face this issue again
  • Boot into your BIOS by pressing DEL , F2 or F10 key ( refer Documentation that came with your computer or onscreen instructions )
  • Go to boot options or locate an options called UEFI boot ( refer screenshot )


  • Either select Both or Legacy Only
  • Save and Exit
  • Reinstall Windows & activate
  • Remember to run Windows Update & update your installation.

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5 replies on “Fix : Windows 8 showing blank screen at startup / not starting after sudden or improper shutdown”

The fix described in KB Article is the only permanent fix for this. This issue along with the “Unable to log on to your Microsoft account after refreshing Windows 8” are the worst issues i have faced till now.

Luckily, I update my lappy as soon as updates are out, so now its running rock solid on Windows 8 pro x64 🙂

I exactly face the same issue as the topic, and as far as i read.. Not just in this sites, many people facing the same issue… But none of those suggestions are work with me, because i got this w8 along with my vaio laptop, so i didn’t have any cd’s with me..
Help me i m very frustrated

Hey u dont need to reinstall or repair it. The main and easy thing is that this all happens due to AVAST so just open the task manager (ctrl+alt+dlt) than click on file left above corner and click on (Run new task) than a new windows open click browse and open whatever u want to open mean to install or uninstall so go to C-drive and than (programfile *86) and remove AVAST restart it problem solved B| 😛

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