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    1. There is a method involving editing the resgistry. I will be updating the article today with the fix. Please stay tuned

    1. Are you using Windows 8 professional ?
      Is this a clean Install of Windows or did you upgrade from Windows 7 ?

      Please answer the question above. Also are you using any antivirus software ? if yes, which one ? This is very essential.

      1. Hi Shantanu,
        I did tried also the 3 steps above but it didn’t work for me too.
        I cant remember when is the last time I change the Lock Screen Picture and Account Picture. But now, I’m no longer able to change them anymore.

        I also tried “Refresh your PC without affecting you files” but it doesn’t work either.

        I’m using Bitdefender Internet Security 2013. I have the same setup on my desktop and my laptop. Only my laptop facing this issue.

        1. Hi,

          Replying to all the comments. I am trying to reach a working solution for this problem. Please check back this page soon as I am hoping to have a work around soon.

          An Update with this issue : This problem seems to arising with a specific set of hardware & more specifically graphic /display adapters. I would urge all you people, to please share you computer configuration ( make / Model ) etc. This will enable me to further help you with your specific system.



  1. I did some digging and found someone else’s fix that worked for me:

    The lock screen is stored in:


    You need to turn on the Show Files and Folders option from Folders Options in order to see it.

    Here’s how to change the sign out screen:

    go to folder C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows
    Right click on SystemData ->Properies->Security->Advanced->Change
    Enter your user name (You must be in Administrators group), then click on Check Names->OK
    Place a tick on “Replace owner on subcontainers and objects”, click Apply ->OK, Yes->OK->OK->OK

    Go to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\SystemData\S-1-5-18\ReadOnly\LockScreen_Z

    You will see 2 images of the Seattle Space needle in this folder, To view these 2 images.

    Right click on it->Properties->Securities->Edit->Add
    Enter your user name, Click on Check Names->OK->OK->OK

    Replace these 2 images with whatever images you want.

    IMPORTANT: After swapping the images, Right click on image->Properties->Securities->Edit
    Make sure SYSTEM is in the user list with permission shown below:
    (If SYSTEM is not in the list, you have to add it to the list using the 2 steps above)

  2. i am using win 8 enterprise i am also unable to change my lock screen,start screen and account picture.

    Can you help me………..


  3. i have the same problem..i just update my pc through windows update then the next thing i see i cannot change my lockscreen, starscreen and account picture

  4. Hi, I am using windows 8. I have activate the windows and used all three methods mentioned above but having the same problem that unable to change lock screen, account picture and background color of menu.
    In 1st step mentioned above I didn’t found “ Force specific default lock screen image” in personalization dialogue box.
    In 2nd step: I performed mentioned steps but it was already on “user default folder”
    In 3rd step their is no effect on anything.
    What I should do now Kindly guide?

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