Windows 10 TP Build 10061 | Info

Recently, the Windows 10 build 10061 was released to the “Fast ring” testers. This build is  was pushed via the windows update process. Here is what’s new in this build.

Improvements to Action Center, Taskbar & Start

With this build, the start menu can be resized and has a transparency effect. The power button has now been moved to the bottom left of the start menu making it better accessible. The start menu now features an automatic color enhancement technique, which is pulled off from the existing desktop background.

With start menu, the taskbar & action also gets the transparency effect & we can now change the color scheme across these by using the settings app & navigating to the personalization settings. This build now features the all new “ Black system” theme across Taskbar, Start menu & Action center. With that, the task view has received several updates, the icons are more refined, the thumbnails and buttons seem to be more polished. The Switch app ( ALT+Tab) and snap assist are also updated with this interface optimization.


New Mail & calendar Apps

The new email app features this new & amazing email authoring experience, which makes you use almost all the features and experience of Microsoft Word, that includes, inserting tables, adding pictures and bullets & giving different colors to your text. The UI functionality on the new email & calendar apps features the three pain UI, which is  very familiar to Windows users & lets you toggles very efficiently within Mail & calendar apps. The mail app supports customizable swipe gestures which are very handy. Office 365 is supported out of the box & these apps also support exchange, outlook & other IMAP & POP accounts.


Thank you for reading this post, more feature reviews coming soon.