Windows 10 : How to restore a checkpoint

After reading this post you will be able to restore a checkpoint that you made earlier. Checkpoints are a feature of Windows 10 hyper-V, where you can very conveniently undo the changes made to a Virtual machine. It’s something like system restore, but deals with a rather different model, known as standard checkpoints & Production checkpoints. Learn how to create a checkpoint in Windows 10 using this post. Now, below is the method to Restore this checkpoint:

  • Open Hyper-V manager
  • Go to the Start menu | start screen
  • Type Hyper-V manager
  • hyper-v4
  • Now, Select the server from the left hand pane
  • Start any of your VM that you previously created a Checkpoint on
  • Now,
  • Click Action menu at the top
  • Click on revert
  • Click on Revert
  • VC8
  • By doing this your VM will now revert to the state in which you created a checkpoint
  • vc10