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Fix : unable to sign in to windows 8 PC with Microsoft account

This post produces some possible solutions to a problem with your windows 8 PC, where you cannot log in to your windows 8 PC with your Microsoft Account. There can be a few possible reasons why this problem might occur.

Reason / Resolution 1

Antivirus Software

If you have upgraded to Windows 8 & you had an antivirus installed in your PC prior to the update ( which you did not disable or uninstall ), it might be a reason for this error. Some incompatible or unsuited version of your antivirus software might delete some of the important Windows 8 core operating registry entries. An example is Webroot Software .

  • Log in with a local account
  • Uninstall your Antivirus software
  • Retain your license key or activation information for your Antivirus / Security software for future installation
  • Restart your computer again in local account
  • press Windows logo key + X
  • Click on Command Prompt (admin)
  • type SFC /SCANNOW
  • Let the process finish
  • Restart your computer
  • Try to login with your Microsoft Account
  • Download and Install the latest version ( Windows 8 Compatible ) from the Software Manufacturer’s website
  • Activate using the license information your saved before.

If this does not solve your problem

Reason / Resolution 2

Sometimes for some reason application access is revoked by the server.

  • Just use any other computer to open
  • Login with your Microsoft Account
  • Click on Edit Security Info
  • Check if your PC is listed here
  • If not, Login with a local account in Windows 8
  • Open the same website mentioned above
  • Go to Edit security info
  • Click on Add Trusted PC
  • Click on Save

If this does not work

Reason / Resolution 3

  • Check your language options to make sure you are entering your password in the correct language

If nothing works you can:

Windows 8

Refresh your PC : Windows 8 Feature make your Installation new again

This post explains a new feature in Windows 8, that enables the users to refresh their PC to a state comparable to a new Windows Installation. Refresh your PC is a feature intended for those users, who after some months of usage start to face problems with their PC. This might be due to a number of reasons from problem with files or settings or maybe a installed program affecting your system stability.

To use this feature go to the start screen:


Type Refresh your PC :


Click on Refresh your PC :


Press Next & follow the wizard’s onscreen instructions

Windows 8

Windows 8 : Reimagined era of computing now begins

After much anticipation, Windows 8 has reached the general availability milestone in it’s release cycle today the 26th of October 2012. Windows 8 from it’s pre-release stages got mixed feedback from developers, IT professionals and consumers. Windows 8 UI has received some appreciation but a lot of criticism from the enthusiast / consumers. With Windows 8 reaching GA today, It will somewhat become clear on how good this product will do for Microsoft. Windows 7 has been a huge success for Microsoft. Let’s see how windows 8 does.

Windows 8 packs a lot of features. Microsoft says that it’s a completely new & reimagined Windows with everything built from the grounds up. The new Windows UI is very easy to use & feels like a hybrid between a PC & tablet. This new user interface provides almost equal ease of use on a touch screen & a non touch screen device. Windows Store is another new addition to Windows. Store will be a cool place to get an application to use on your Windows 8 PC. Windows 8 is a great new Operating system from Microsoft & features some great new features. In my opinion Windows 8 is a step towards a paradigm shift in computing, whether we talk about software of devices.

Here, watch this video to know Windows 8:

Windows 8

Microsoft says Our launch activity is truly global. We’ll be sharing photos and video from New York and many of the Windows 8 launch events from around the world (including Microsoft’s campus in Redmond) through our Windows Facebook page and our Windows YouTube channel.

Visit to see more videos & features

If you purchased a Windows 7 PC between June 2nd, 2012, and January 31st, 2013, you can register for the Windows Upgrade Offer where you can upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for just $14.99 (U.S.), for users from India this offer goes for nearabout INR700/- Those of you who have already registered for the Windows Upgrade Offer, you will be able to redeem your upgrade. Our OEM partners are also bringing new Windows 8 PCs and devices to market and are available for purchase in stores and online starting tomorrow. If you pre-ordered a Windows 8 PC or device, those pre-orders will start shipping if they haven’t already!


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Calibrate your display with Display calibration tool in Windows 7, 8

After reading this post you will be able calibrate your display. Display calibration lets you adjust gamma, contrast, brightness & RGB color channels for the perfect display settings. A standard display might seem ok to you, but a calibrated display increases the clarity & to some extent the viewing angles of your computer display. This display can be a LCD monitor for your desktop or a attached laptop display. This tools also works on the old CRT type monitors.

To start using this tool in Windows 7 or 8:

  • Go to the start menu ( start screen in Windows 8)
  • type calibrate display color
  • Right click the program and
  • Click run as administrator (you might to provide the administrator password)
  • Click Next on the wizard screen
  • Read the instructions carefully before proceeding.




  • Make sure that your adjusted gamma setting looks like this picture




  • Good Brightness is a key setting
  • Make sure that you set the brightness as low as possible without loosing the X in the background
  • Cannot see any X ?
  • Set the brightness level to a higher position.




  • Set your contrast level as high as possible without loosing the wrinkles on the shirt


Color balance


  • Makes sure all these shades of grey are neutral & they should not show a hint of other colors in them.


Checking the difference between your previous display settings & calibrated display settings



If the text on your screen looks fuzzy or is not clearly readable, you can choose to open the Clear type text calibration wizard to make the text appear better on screen.

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Fix : Frequent Windows is not responding error message in Windows 7 & Vista

After reading this post you will learn a few ways to troubleshoot the frequent “not responding” problem with your Windows computer. This post applies to fixing those Windows PCs which often show the not responding message for the opened Windows or programs. If it’s a rare problem, I am sure you don’t need to read any further. Your PC is just fine & does not need any fixing. On the other hand, if you are facing this issue quiet often you should follow the steps mentioned herein:

Check Your Hard Drive

  • Make sure you have enough space available on your hard disk, to do this :
  • Go to Computer
  • Right Click your root drive ( C: or any partition where you have installed Windows )
  • Click on Properties
  • Check the used & free space


  • Check your Drive for errors
  • Go to command prompt by typing command in your start menu search box ( right Click –> run as administrator )
  • Navigate to your system partition by typing the drive letter of your system partition ( example : C:\ )
  • type CHKDSK /f
  • type CHKDSK /r
  • You might get a message that disk check will be scheduled on next reboot


  • Also, make sure that your hard disk drive is defragmented
  • Type defragment in start menu search box
  • Run disk defragmenter
  • If it’s a desktop computer
  • Try changing the hard disk data cable
  • NOTE: If you don’t know how to change the HDD cable, get it done by a computer hardware professional.


Check your RAM ( Memory )

  • If you have a demanding usage of system resources & you like to multitask
  • make sure that you have adequate RAM installed.


  • Check your system RAM for errors
  • Go to start menu
  • type Windows Memory diagnostics (in the start menu search box)
  • Run the program
  • This will restart your computer
  • Check your RAM for errors & display a report after you login the next time.


Windows Update

  • Make sure your Windows is up to date
  • Go to start menu
  • In the start menu search box type Windows Update
  • Click on Check for updates
  • Select recommended updates
  • also select any driver updates from Optional updates section


Drivers & BIOS

NOTE: Please perform any BIOS update operation at your OWN risk, BIOS update, if not done properly, or for any other reason, it fails, can crash your computer system & damage your hardware. or I, the author of this post will not be responsible for any damage whatsoever.

  • SATA/AHCI drivers
  • Go to your motherboard / system manufacturer’s support website
  • Locate the support page for your computer /motherboard model
  • Download and Install the SATA / AHCI / IDE ( STORAGE drivers )
  • & also install the latest chipset & Display drivers from that support site.


  • BIOS updates
  • You can check the support site, if any new BIOS updates for your system has been released.
  • Read the documentation associated with the BIOS release to make sure that it addresses any problems that your might be facing.
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Fix: Wireless Connection not showing – not able to connect – red cross icon–no wireless networks available in Windows 8 , 7 , Vista , XP

After reading this post you will be able to fix some issues that you might be facing while trying to connect to a wireless network in Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista or XP. There are quite a few issues that might restrict you from using a wireless network properly. Most of the times it’s bad drivers installed for your device, misconfiguration or just a simple software interrupting with your Wi-Fi connection in windows.

Follow the steps mentioned herein one by one:

Method 1

Press of a button

  • If you are using a laptop to connect to a Wi-fi / wireless connection. Your wireless was working just fine & now without a cause it has stopped working.
  • The first thing to check is small wireless on / off button on most laptops
  • It can be a dedicated on/off type switch on the side of your laptop
  • or
  • i could be a key amongst your Function keys on top.
  • There would be a wireless sign imprinted on that particular key ( refer screenshot )


  • Your key sign might look like the ones above or it might be anything that would suggest a wireless connection
  • Try pressing that key or if it’s a switch, try turning it on.
  • The wireless key / wireless sign might be in a different colour suggesting that it can be used by pressing a FN key located mostly on the left hand side of your keyboard near CTRL , ALT buttons.

Check if the problem is solved

  • On your taskbar right hand side
  • locate this iconwireless_icon
  • Click on it to see this menu wifi4










  • If you see available networks here, you have successfully solved the problem.



Method 2

Checking the Drivers

  • It’s always a good idea to update your drivers at a good interval
  • To make sure you have updated / proper drivers installed for your hardware device, you can choose:
    • Run Windows Update
    • Select your driver updates from optional updates section
  • OR
  • Go to your computer manufacturer’s support website
  • navigate to downloads section
  • locate the drivers for your particular hardware
  • download & install
  • It’s also a good idea to, first uninstall the previously installed drivers
    • to do that: Go to Control panel
    • Programs & Features
    • Locate your Wireless Lan drivers
    • Uninstall

Method 3

Check your router

  • Make sure that your router is broadcasting your network’s SSID.
  • To check that :
    • Connect your router directly to your computer using a LAN cable
    • Check the documentation provided with your router to get the login IP address
    • for example we take as a router’s login IP
    • Go to your browser and type this IP in the address bar:


  • Type in the username & password for logging into the router’s panel


  • refer the screenshot above
  • make sure your SSID broadcast is enabled.

Method 4

Connecting to a hidden network

Click here for the guide on connecting to a hidden network in Windows

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Fix : Antivirus Software downloading updates but showing out of date / not updated in Windows 8 , 7 , Vista , XP

After reading this post you will be able fix an issue, where your antivirus / antispyware / antimalware software notifies you that it is out of date or not updated. This problem still persists even after updating the software program, your antivirus will still reflect that it has not been updated.

To Fix :

Check Date & Time

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Locate Date & Time settings
  • Open Date & Time settings


  • Make sure that your time zone has been selected properly
  • Also make sure that your time and date is set correctly.

Note: You will need administrator privileges to change date and time.

Running Windows Update before updating

  • Go to start
  • Start typing Windows update
  • Open the Windows Update program as it appears in the search results.
  • Click on Check for updates
  • Select from recommended & optional updates.

Running the Antivirus program as Administrator

  • Make sure you are logged in as Administrator before updating the AV program
  • If nor,
  • Make a Administrator Account on your Computer or ask your administrator to update your AV program.
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Fix: Hardware devices not working or not detecting in Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista & XP

After reading this you will be able solve a problem where Windows might not detect one or multiple of your hardware devices. These devices might be running properly on other computers, but does not work or get detect on a specific Windows computer. This type of problem might occur for a number of reasons. Some of the causes of this type of problem are mentioned below:

  • System File corruption
  • Out of date or corrupted drivers
  • Malware/ Spyware / Virus infections
  • Hardware issues

The very first step ( For Windows 7 & earlier editions )

Microsoft FixIt


If Microsoft Fixit does not solve your issue follow the steps below :-

  • uninstall any of the previous drivers you have for this device. To do this :-
  • Go to Device Manager ( in Control Panel )
  • Right Click the hardware if listed there & click on uninstall
  • OR
  • Go to Add/Remove Programs ( in Windows XP) Programs & Features ( Windows Vista & later)
  • Remove any software & drivers linked to your hardware device
  • Restart your computer
  • Plug in your hardware, if not already plugged in.
  • If it’s a USB device or PCI device, try changing the slot
  • Download & Install latest drivers from the hardware manufacturer’s website.
  • Also make sure, that your motherboard ( chipset & other ) essential drivers are up to date.
  • You can also try running SFC /SCANNOW ( type the command in run ) ( This will check your system files & repair them if necessary.)
  • If your hardware was working properly & now suddenly it’s malfunctioning, you can always use system restore to roll back your settings to a time where everything was working perfectly. ( Guide to system restore )
  • Try plugging your device into another computer system to make sure that your hardware device is not at fault.
  • Scan your computer system with a good Anti virus/ Anti malware software.
Windows 8

Workaround : Unable to sync mails with new email address in Windows 8 mail app

After reading this you will be able to solve an issue where you cannot sync emails on your Windows 8 PC with the Windows 8 mail app. This might happen when you switch from an old Microsoft Account email address to another Microsoft Account ID. For example you switch from to . We found a very simple workaround for this issue.

Follow the guide below step by step. Refer screenshots.

  • Go to the start screen & type users
  • Click on settings in the right hand side pane
  • click on users
  • users
  • Click on Add a user
  • pc_settings
  • Follow the onscreen wizard to add your new Microsoft Account.
  • You can delete the previous account or let it be.
  • Remember to add your Windows 8 PC as Trusted PC in your online account settings.
  • Your Mails should be synchronising.
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Fix : Stuck brightness controls / hotkeys not working in Windows 8 , 7 , Vista & XP

After reading this post you will be able to solve a problem where you cannot use the hotkeys on your keyboard to adjust brightness controls, volume controls etc. These hotkeys mostly located on your functions keys & are activated by a key marked as Fn on your keyboard. These keys are colour coded for user’s reference. Many time due to a software glitch these keys stop working & with that otherwise functionality that these hotkeys render is left unusable. Follow the steps below to fix the above said problem:

  • Only sleep & no shutdown
  • sometimes when we just let our computer sleep when we don’t use it & we do not use shutdown for a long time, this type of problem might occur due to data corruption. a simple restart should solve your problem right here.


  • Buggy Drivers
  • Try updating the following drivers :
  • Power manager driver ( if any )
  • Chipset drivers ( make sure you are installing the complete package )
  • Graphic Drivers
  • You can run Windows update or any system update program that came with your computer.
  • A better idea is to uninstall the current set of drivers & then download / install fresh / updated drivers from your system / motherboard manufacturer.

  • Hotkey management software
  • Almost every manufacturer provides a proper hotkey management software that can be download off their support website.
  • Make sure to checkout any Microsoft package that might be required by your computer for proper hotkey integration ( refer documentation / support site )

  • BIOS Update
  • If this is a frequent problem with your system, do check out your system manufacturer’s support site for any BIOS updates.
  • Refer the documentation first and/or make sure to read any related support forums for bug check.
  • Note : BIOS update might harm your computer & you should perform the BIOS update procedure at your own risk.


  • Checking Services
  • Go to run ( Windows key + R )
  • type services.msc
  • press ctrl + shift + enter
  • Look for hotkey start-up services or HID Human Interface services
  • Double click
  • set the startup type to automatic
  • Restart your computer