Fix : Http error uploading media in WordPress

This post will help you fix an error while you try to insert an image or any media in a WordPress post using your browser. Though, this error might be due to a temporary http request mishandling by your hosting server, it might as well be due to memory constraints within your WordPress installation.

Let us try and fix this issue with the steps mention herein.

Fix: http error while uploading images to a WP post


Method 1 : Change the memory limit in your WordPress configuration

Required : An FTP client and a text editor
While I prefer using CoreFTP and notepad or notepad++, any FTP client or editor will do the job.

  • Login to your FTP server
  • Locate “wp-config.php” file
  • Right click the file and click on edit
  • memory_limit
  • Insert the code as highlighted in the image above

define( ‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘256M’ );

Save the file and overwrite it, if prompted.

Method 2: Logout and Log back in

  • Log out of your WordPress
  • Log in again
  • Try to upload the image to check if it works

Hope this solves the issue, if not please use the comment or contact section to contact me and I will try my best to solve it for you.

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FIX Windows Media Player unable to play certain type of media files

After reading this post you will be able play to almost all commonly found media files. There are a lot of media file extensions that requires certain codecs to open/play. Default Windows installation does not support all the formats due to certain limitations. Some people download and install VLC player to play their Media files. VLC player can be found here. Though to play your media files within Windows Media player you can follow the steps below:

Note: Scan the Installation/Downloaded files with a good Antivirus Software before Installing.

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Solution : Windows Media Player cannot play some media files : missing codecs

After Reading this you will be able to play almost all type of media files on your computer. Different media files need different codecs to run properly. This problem can sometimes lead to misery for a user. You want to play a song or a movie and you get an error that some codec is missing and required to play that file.

The Simplest of all the ways to get those files to play are :

  • Download and install VLC media player
  • or Download and Install K-lite codec package

K-lite codec package comes with Media Player Classic that I personally like to watch movies on.

Download VLC Media Player

K-Lite Codec Package

Note: It is always recommended to scan the files you download of the internet. If even a fragment of suspicion is detected on your part, please do not download the file.