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Fix : Stuck brightness controls / hotkeys not working in Windows 8 , 7 , Vista & XP

After reading this post you will be able to solve a problem where you cannot use the hotkeys on your keyboard to adjust brightness controls, volume controls etc. These hotkeys mostly located on your functions keys & are activated by a key marked as Fn on your keyboard. These keys are colour coded for user’s reference. Many time due to a software glitch these keys stop working & with that otherwise functionality that these hotkeys render is left unusable. Follow the steps below to fix the above said problem:

  • Only sleep & no shutdown
  • sometimes when we just let our computer sleep when we don’t use it & we do not use shutdown for a long time, this type of problem might occur due to data corruption. a simple restart should solve your problem right here.


  • Buggy Drivers
  • Try updating the following drivers :
  • Power manager driver ( if any )
  • Chipset drivers ( make sure you are installing the complete package )
  • Graphic Drivers
  • You can run Windows update or any system update program that came with your computer.
  • A better idea is to uninstall the current set of drivers & then download / install fresh / updated drivers from your system / motherboard manufacturer.

  • Hotkey management software
  • Almost every manufacturer provides a proper hotkey management software that can be download off their support website.
  • Make sure to checkout any Microsoft package that might be required by your computer for proper hotkey integration ( refer documentation / support site )

  • BIOS Update
  • If this is a frequent problem with your system, do check out your system manufacturer’s support site for any BIOS updates.
  • Refer the documentation first and/or make sure to read any related support forums for bug check.
  • Note : BIOS update might harm your computer & you should perform the BIOS update procedure at your own risk.


  • Checking Services
  • Go to run ( Windows key + R )
  • type services.msc
  • press ctrl + shift + enter
  • Look for hotkey start-up services or HID Human Interface services
  • Double click
  • set the startup type to automatic
  • Restart your computer
Windows 8

Using Windows 8 : Simplfied Usage : Customize Windows

After reading this article you will be able to understand & customize your Windows 8 PC for power use. This article explains the New  “Windows 8 style” UI based Start Screen that contains all your applications, the easy tools menu & three most basic & most used commands in Windows. This post will also cover a small tip that will enable you to view administrator tools in Start Menu.

The three most basic & most used commands in Windows 8 :

  • Winkey + X : to open the tools menu
  • right start
  • This can also be achieved by right click on the most Left bottom corner of your screen ( on the taskbar )
  • Winkey + I : This opens the Quick Settings menu. This menu contains many short links and control button, example: Power button, sound button, brightness etc.
  • quick
  • This can also be achieved by moving your mouse cursor to the top right corner of the screen.
  • Winkey : This single button press can be used to launch the start screen & to go back to the program you were using previously.

Customizing Start Screen

metro start

Customizing this start screen is fairly easy. Follow the steps below to achieve the customization of your choice

  • Basic Customization
  • Changing Basic settings
  • On the start screen shown above, start typing start
  • From the listed results click on settings in the right pane
  • Now Click on Customize your start screen
  • settings_start_windows8
  • Here you can manage the color, the background picture and Tile settings.
  • Showing all Application ( tools/settings ) on the start screen
  • Go to Start
  • press Winkey + I
  • Click on Tiles
  • Follow the screenshot below
  • admin_tools