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Fix : Cannot play video in Internet Explorer / Internet explorer crashes on playing video

After reading this post you will be able to fix an issue with your Internet Explorer, where Internet explorer might crash when you try to play an online video. You might also experience some freezes or crashes during online video playback in Internet Explorer. This guide, to some extent, will also help with other browsers.


  • Video freezes during streaming
  • Video might give random errors
  • Internet explorer might crash
  • Black video screen
  • Video might not start


  • The required add on i.e. Adobe flash, Silverlight and Java might not be installed
  • Hardware drivers might not be installed
  • Problem with Browser


Method 1 : Enabling Software Rendering instead of hardware

  • Go to Internet Explorer
  • Press ALT + X
  • Click on Internet Options
  • Click on Advanced
  • Check the checkbox that says Use Software Rendering Instead of GPU rendering
  • Press Apply , Ok



Method 2 : Installing Required Add-on

If you have already downloaded and installed these, make sure that they are enabled :

  • Go to Internet Explorer
  • Press ALT + X
  • Click on Internet options
  • Click on Programs
  • Click on Manage Add-ons



  • Make sure the add-ons as highlighted in the image below are enabled, if not enable them
  • Click on Apply, Ok



Method 3 : Compatibility mode


  • Go to the Video streaming / service website
  • After the URL is resolved, you will see a small icon as reflected in the image above
  • Click on this Icon to enable compatibility mode for that website.
  • Check if this solves your problem


Method 4 : Updating Hardware Drivers

  • Go to your Motherboard / Graphic Card or system manufacturer’s support website
  • Locate your Computer / Graphic Card or motherboard Model
  • Select Graphic / Display drivers
  • Download and Install them
  • You can also go to Windows Update
  • Click on check for updates
  • Then, go to the Optional Updates section
  • Check if a device driver update is available, check the checkbox
  • Install

Method 5 : Reinstalling Internet Explorer

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Click on small icons/ category view in the top left corner ( or depending on your Operating system )
  • Now Click on Turn Windows Features on and off ( Administrator privileges required )

programs and features

  • Uncheck the checkbox that says “Internet Explorer 9” (or the version installed in your computer)
  • Restart your computer
  • Follow all the steps from going to control panel –> Turn Windows Features On and off
  • Check the checkbox saying “ Internet Explorer 9”
  • Click Apply, OK


Hope this guide helped you, In case you have any queries / question, you can use the comment form below or email us at

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3 replies on “Fix : Cannot play video in Internet Explorer / Internet explorer crashes on playing video”

I have problem with windows store in windows 8. Actually i use proxy address to access mine wifi. Browsing and windows update works well. I am able to access and browse windows store but when i install an apps from store, the downloading fails with the error 0x80240440 or similar. Google no way helped me. Recover and Restore even new install does not make any difference. Although, if i use any gsm modem or mobile to access internet, everything works. Can anyone tell me the solution(i know there is sth wrong with proxy or any win8 setting, but whats that?).

Go to Internet Explorer -> press ALT + X -> Internet Options -> Click on Connections -> Lan settings -> Check if Automatically detect settings checkbox is checked.

Can u please share the exact error code ? that will help a lot in solving your issue.

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