Fix : Windows 8 Stuck at boot screen after setting up Hyper-V

This post will help you fix an issue with your Windows 8 PC. This problem occurs after you try to setup a virtual machine using Hyper-V in Windows 8. Virtualization technology is dependant on your software as well as hardware. Hyper V uses your computer’s hardware based virtualization support / ability to help make your virtualization environment more performance rich & also to provide better stability.

If your hardware supports hardware virtualization, you should enable it, if there is an option of enabling / disabling hardware based virtualization feature in your computer’s BIOS.

To check :

  • Refer the documentation that came with your computer
  • Access your BIOS by pressing the DEL or F2 or F10 key (or any other key based on your system, Refer documentation)
  • Locate an option that says something like “ Use Hardware Virtualization “ or “Enable Hardware Virtualization”
  • Enable the said feature. If by chance the feature is already enabled, Disable it.
  • Save & Exit from your BIOS.
  • Try booting into Windows.
  • If the boot is successful, Follow step 1 to 4 to enable hardware virtualization support.

If this does not solve your problem:

  • Check on your Motherboard / Computer Manufacturer’s support website for any BIOS updates they might be offering.
  • Please Read the Instructions associated with Updating / Upgrading your BIOS carefully before proceeding and Perform any update or upgrade at your own risk.

If that too does not solve your problem:

  • Perform a system Start-up repair operation by booting with the Windows DVD & choosing the repair options.

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