FIX : STOP Error : BSOD : kernel_data_inpage_error

This guide can be used for resolving the STOP error with the keywords “kernel_data_inpage_error”. Here we have listed a few ways to resolve these type of Blue screen errors. After troubleshooting kernel data inpage error a few times, it seems like the cause of this error resides in memory. In these cases memory refers to both RAM and Hard disk drive in your system. It’s not at all necessary that your hardware has a problem, though it’s a possibility. This error might also occur due to a faulty driver software. To get to a conclusion whether you have a software or hardware error, that is causing this BSOD, try the following:

Below is an example of the error you might be getting:

Stop 0x0000007a ( XXXX XXXX XXXX )
filename.sys – Address XXXXX

  • Use Windows Update to update your computer & drivers ( install all recommended and optional updates) ( optional updates most of the time have your device drivers )
  • If you don’t find new drivers on Windows update, go to your motherboard / Computer Manufacturer’s support site, Select your model / version –> download the Chipset , Display & communications / networking drivers and Install them.
  • Restart & check
  • If the problem still persists,
  • Go to Start menu and type CMD
  • Right click the Command (CMD) program that appeared in your start menu search results and click on run as administrator
  • now, type CHKDSK /p  & press enter.
  • After the scan is complete,
  • type, CHKDSK C: /f /r    (This will repair corrupted sectors )
  • Restart the system and check if the problem is solved.

If not,

  • Follow this guide to check for Memory ( RAM errors ) CLICK HERE

If, problems are found, replace your RAM modules, if you have multiple modules try taking all of them out and then test with one module at a time and check for errors. repeat the step with all modules.

Last Step

System Restore : Click here for the Guide to using System Restore