After reading this post you will be able to fix some the problems with your printer or many sorts of problems that are producing  errors when your try to print a document in Windows.

Some of these problems involve :

  • You are unable to install a printer, connect to a printer, or print more than one job at a time
  • You receive an error indicating your Print Spooler service is experiencing problems
  • You receive an error indicating your <PRINTERNAME> is not the default printer
  • You receive an error indicating: <PRINTERNAME> cannot be contacted over the network
  • You receive an error stating that your Plug and Play printer %PRINTERNAME% has encountered a driver problem
  • You cannot Print in Internet Explorer (CLICK HERE)
  • Your printer shows as offline, even when it is turned on.

A few things to check :

  • If your printer is connected locally ( directly to your computer & not on a network), try checking the connection between your Printer & computer and make sure it’s not loose.
  • Check the cable connecting your printer and computer. Change if necessary, always keep a spare, change just to make sure the cable isn’t bad.
  • Follow the Printer Manual to make sure any error signal lights indicating a problem with printer are not lit. If they are check for problem associated with that light in the documentation that came with your printer.
  • Check for paper Jam/low cartridge.
  • If your printer is connected over a network, make sure your network is up and running. ( check Router/Access Point )
  • If you are using a print server to connect to the printer over a network, make sure the print server is working fine.
  • If the printer is attached to another computer over the network and then shared for users on a network, make sure the printer is printing directly on the system it is attached locally to.
  • Refer your documentation & press the printer demo print button to make sure that the printer hardware is working fine.
  • Make sure there are no print command in print queue that might be hanging the print jobs. To check, go to start menu –> Devices and printers –> double click your printer and check the print queue.
  • If you cannot print from Internet Explorer follow this guide, Click Here


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