Fix : Alt + Tab does not work / does not show on top of other programs in Windows 7

After reading this post you will be able to fix an issue with your windows 7 computer, where on pressing Alt + Tab does not retain the required functionality of switching between programs, alternatively in some cases the list containing the programs does show, but does not open on top of all the programs, making it impossible for the user to know which program they are selecting.

There are a few solutions to this problem, follow the steps on order to fix this issue to retain the Alt + tab functionality.

Install Graphic / Display adapter drivers

  • Go to your system / motherboard manufacturers support site
  • Select your product with proper variants / version where applicable
  • download & install the graphic / display adapter drivers
  • restart your computer

Enable / Disable Aero Peek

  • Sometimes this problem is solved when the user either enables the Aero Peek feature in Windows & sometimes the problem is solved on disabling this feature.
  • To Enable / Disable Aero peek
  • Go to desktop
  • Right Click
  • Click on personalize
  • Go to Left bottom corner
  • Click on Taskbar & Start menu
  • Check / Uncheck the checkbox saying Use Aero Peek to preview the desktop
  • System File Checker
  • Go to Start Menu
  • start typing run
  • Right Click the run program & click on run as administrator
  • This process will take some time & will check and fix any corrupted system files